Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break Picnic!

It's spring break week! Today we went to a picnic and play event with our local playgroup! Of course we needed bentos! She has a sort of swamp themed bento and I have a boring mommy bento! ;)

Taia has :
-Watermelon with a swamp creature -ish looking snack pick
-A crocodile/alligator cheese creature with an icing eye
-Hot dog slices in a turtle silicone cup with another swamp creature pick
- Pretzel Crisps

I had a:
-Chipolte Gouda and Jalapeno Ham sandwich (Oh ya- it was amazing)
-Pickles and tomatoes
I thought about cutting mine into fun shapes but thought
the other moms might give me a hard time! ;)


  1. Haha..I love them both. Wish you could make my lunches :)

  2. When you come visit, I'll make you some fun lunches!! ;)