Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Faithful

I have been moving this box out of the way to get to my new favorites day after day. But today, when I went to move it out of the way I decided to give it some time to shine. The Pottery Barn Spencer Bento Box is a great box. My only issue with it is that it requires a certain lunchbox and takes up the entire thing and therefore requires a juice box. Not really a big deal. But I over think EVERYTHING. All that to explain why you haven't seen this beautiful box in a while. . . .

For tomorrow, Taia has:
-Grapes and shredded carrots (she likes them like that....)
-Juice box
-Homemade "trail mix" (nothing fancy. It's everything that was open in the pantry dumped into a Tupperware container to be used for snacks and lunches! I think this one has pretzels, whole wheat Annie's bunnies, raisins, dye free fruit snacks, candied sunflower seeds, mini chocolate chips, a few kinds of cereal, etc....)
-The usual peanut butter goldfish sandwich

Hopefully time will permit some super fun Valentines lunches soon in the coming weeks!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

100th Day of School/Bynto Box

First things first. I am sorry that I have been MIA lately. I've been cheating on lunches and using the Goldfish bread that is filling my freezer just about every day. That stuff is genius! It went BOGO at Publix a few weeks ago and I bought about 10 bags.... Like everyone else, I've got a million things going on and I took a shortcut!

But my (I mean Taia's.....) new Bynto Box came in today!!Tomorrow is the 100th day of school so a special lunch seemed in order! After we decorated her new box of course! The goldfish sandwich is still in there under the cheese 100. Along with some fruit juice and pretzels. Nothing fancy. But much fancier than the last few weeks!