Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Halloween bento and a dye free flower cupcake!

Here's her last Halloween Bento. I didn't make too many. But now I realize why she was so whiney this afternoon. SUGAR CRASH. Whoops!

-Nutella Sandwich
-Halloween Chocolate
-Halloween cupcake (DYE FREE!!!!!)

Here's a pick of a dye free flower cupcake. I love being able to make dye free cupcakes! :) Thanks mom! My mom got Taia all this awesome dye free stuff! SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have been really slacking in the Halloween bento department! I got distracted with my other obligations, re-doing the floors in our house, my awesome girls trip to the beach (!) and mom stuff in general! So here is a lame attempt at a Halloween bento.

-Pumpkin shaped apples with a pumpkin pick
-Pumpkin and bat shaped pretzels and raisins in the bottom
-Halloween Rice Krispie Treat
-PB Ghost sandwich with icing eyes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Animals galore!

Today we went to the zoo for one of our best friend's 3rd birthday! We had a super fun time! Taia had this elephant bento and mine was a little less fun! But only because I ran out of sliced cheese!
-Ham sandwich on artisan flatbrean
-Mozzerella cheese elephant with an icing eye
-Carrot Chips
-Panda Cookies
-Grapes with a giraffe pick

-BBQ Brisket sandwich on artisan flatbread
-Panda Cookies
-Carrot Chips
-Grapes and a panda pick

This week is Veterinarian week at school! I am exhausted from the zoo.... therefore, I slacked... a lot. She has:
-PB and Nutella roll ups
-Lion fruit snacks (dye free)
-Annie's Organic Bunny Snack Mix
-Grapes with a doggie pick

Monday, October 10, 2011

On-the-road bento and yet another Hello Kitty!

Friday night we attended an amazing Hello Kitty birthday party! On the way home, Taia said "I think you should put one of the treats from Bella's party in my bento on Tuesday!" Not quite sure why she wanted it on Tuesday instead of Monday.... But her wish is my command! :)

-Nutella sandwich with a cheese and organic fruit leather Hello Kitty
-Yogurt Covered Raisin (I think : ) ) treat from Bella's party!
-Hello Kitty cocoa cookies. I get these at T.J. Maxx. They're still pricey but SO cute and yummy! (And dye free!!!!)
-Carrot chips with a Hello Kitty pick!

It looks like our game tonight will be rained out. But Taia always gets hungry before AND after she cheers. So I made her a bento that would hopefully be big enough to snack on in the car both ways. Maybe she'll eat it at home for dinner if it gets rained out.

-Chocolate chip cookie. She and her daddy make the best cookies EVER. Seriously. Ask around...
-Carrot chips
-Cheez its
-Nutella tortilla roll ups

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ode To Canada! It's Canadian Thanksgiving! Who knew?

UPDATE: I totally just found out that it's Canadian Thanksgiving! So this was perfect timing! :)

Canada is awesome. Mainly because some awesome people come from Canada. So I was inspired by all of my maple leaf cutters and picks... what? They make you think of fall? Pshaw! Canada all the way!!

-Canada is awesome nutella sandwich
-Maple leaf apples
-Canadian Bacon (HAM) on maple leaf picks!

I dedicate this lunch to the most awesome Canadian I know! :) I love you KMF!

Now I need to work on some inspiration for Box Springs, GA, Dallas Texas and Eerie, PA bentos! Haha!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's fall y'all!

I should've done another police car for tomorrow to redeem myself.... But I didn't wanna. So she has a fall bento.

-Leaf carrots
-Pumpkin sandwich with a cheese pumpkin on top
-Acorn Apples with a pumpkin pick
-Leftover Mac N Cheese with a leaf pick
My pumpkin looks a little blah. I should give him a face or something..... but there's plenty of time for pumpkins!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Police Car?

I struggled with this bento.... obviously.

-PB sandwich with cheese and tortilla decorations.
-The H and C on the stars stand for our county name.... I told you I struggled. If I could use food coloring markers I could write "Sheriff" on it....
-Tortilla police car with cheese "lights," windshield, and wheels.
-Fruit Snacks

The tortilla doesn't show up very well. I even used white bread, which we rarely eat, for the color contrast.

And I just realized that one of the wheels must have shifted while I was placing it in the Easy Lunch Box! Whoops!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello Kitty

I saw the tutorial for this! I think it turned out super cute! At least it looks way better than my last 2 Hello Kitty attempts!

-Grapes and Carrots with a Hello Kitty pick
-Hello Kitty Cheese Sandwich

I'm getting better at Hello Kitty.

And yes, it's still Police week..... I'm having a tough time with that.... I have a car cookie cutter, which I used for today's lunch. But it didn't turn out very police-y so no pictures! But I will try again! Just not sure when I'll be brave enough!