Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Animals galore!

Today we went to the zoo for one of our best friend's 3rd birthday! We had a super fun time! Taia had this elephant bento and mine was a little less fun! But only because I ran out of sliced cheese!
-Ham sandwich on artisan flatbrean
-Mozzerella cheese elephant with an icing eye
-Carrot Chips
-Panda Cookies
-Grapes with a giraffe pick

-BBQ Brisket sandwich on artisan flatbread
-Panda Cookies
-Carrot Chips
-Grapes and a panda pick

This week is Veterinarian week at school! I am exhausted from the zoo.... therefore, I slacked... a lot. She has:
-PB and Nutella roll ups
-Lion fruit snacks (dye free)
-Annie's Organic Bunny Snack Mix
-Grapes with a doggie pick

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