Monday, October 10, 2011

On-the-road bento and yet another Hello Kitty!

Friday night we attended an amazing Hello Kitty birthday party! On the way home, Taia said "I think you should put one of the treats from Bella's party in my bento on Tuesday!" Not quite sure why she wanted it on Tuesday instead of Monday.... But her wish is my command! :)

-Nutella sandwich with a cheese and organic fruit leather Hello Kitty
-Yogurt Covered Raisin (I think : ) ) treat from Bella's party!
-Hello Kitty cocoa cookies. I get these at T.J. Maxx. They're still pricey but SO cute and yummy! (And dye free!!!!)
-Carrot chips with a Hello Kitty pick!

It looks like our game tonight will be rained out. But Taia always gets hungry before AND after she cheers. So I made her a bento that would hopefully be big enough to snack on in the car both ways. Maybe she'll eat it at home for dinner if it gets rained out.

-Chocolate chip cookie. She and her daddy make the best cookies EVER. Seriously. Ask around...
-Carrot chips
-Cheez its
-Nutella tortilla roll ups

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