Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Faithful

I have been moving this box out of the way to get to my new favorites day after day. But today, when I went to move it out of the way I decided to give it some time to shine. The Pottery Barn Spencer Bento Box is a great box. My only issue with it is that it requires a certain lunchbox and takes up the entire thing and therefore requires a juice box. Not really a big deal. But I over think EVERYTHING. All that to explain why you haven't seen this beautiful box in a while. . . .

For tomorrow, Taia has:
-Grapes and shredded carrots (she likes them like that....)
-Juice box
-Homemade "trail mix" (nothing fancy. It's everything that was open in the pantry dumped into a Tupperware container to be used for snacks and lunches! I think this one has pretzels, whole wheat Annie's bunnies, raisins, dye free fruit snacks, candied sunflower seeds, mini chocolate chips, a few kinds of cereal, etc....)
-The usual peanut butter goldfish sandwich

Hopefully time will permit some super fun Valentines lunches soon in the coming weeks!

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