Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Lunch!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! And of course my girl needs lots of pink and lots of hearts!

She has:
-A peanut butter heart sandwich with "hugs and kisses" on the top. Although that really confused her as she saw me making it! Maybe not the best choice for someone learning to read and write!
-Pretzel sticks
-Cheese hearts in a heart muffin cup with a heart pick! (too much? :) ) I never thought about cutting cheese CUBES into shapes before but I'll be doing it alot more often! It wasn't hard at all and we always have them on hand!
-Heart shaped carrots in a heart muffin cup with a little Valentine's kiss!

All in all I'm pleased with it! All of the tiny shapes were a lot of work to produce such a tiny lunch but they just look so darn cute!!

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