Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seuss Week Round up and a Blog Hop!

We LOVE Dr. Seuss! Dean and I actually had a Cat in the Hat themed wedding! So this is one of my favorite weeks!! I didn't find out what order they were studying the Seuss books in until Monday. So she wound up with two One Fish Two Fish lunches!

Monday- One Fish Two Fish
They actually read The Foot Book but I didn't find that out until after school!

-Two fishie sandwiches. One Nutella and One PB. Trader Joe's Fruit leather numbers.
-Red Goldfish. Can you believe they don't have BLUE! Natural blue stuff is so hard to find...
-Yogurt Covered Raisins with cardstock and fish stickers so I could put a blue fish... ha.
-Fish shaped strawberries!
All in an Easy Lunch Box.

Tuesday- A more lazy version of One Fish Two Fish...
Except this time I remembered that I had blue fish picks! :)

-Goldfish Sandwich
-Trader Joe's Saltwater Taffy
-Fish shaped watermelon with a blue fish pick... :)
All in an Easy Lunch Box!

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday - The kids dressed up all crazy and had fun so Dean and I made her a crazy lunch!
-Apple shaped watermelon
-Chocolate Chip Cookie sandwiches (Nutella sandwiches with raisins)
-Hot dog and Cheese "hats"
-Trader Joe's Joe Joe's and pretzels

Again, packed in an Easy Lunch Box!

This was after a FAIL involving a hot "dog" and a few other major lunch issues. Dean is helping me with lunches this week since I'm working full time now and CRAZY hours. It really makes it more fun to make bentos as a family!!

Thursday- My Many Colored Days
Truthfully, I've never read this book... BUT I googled it and it appeared to be about emotions.
So, Dean and I came up with this..... colorful and emotional...
Taia came home today and asked why on Earth I sent her a sad sandwich. Mommy FAIL.

This lunch is packed in her Bynto lunchbox!

Friday- The Cat in The Hat- Character Parade Day.
Taia will of course go as Ariel, the famous storybook character.... We'll be taking the Ariel book that the toothfairy brought her to prove that we aren't breaking the rules! :)

Friday's lunch includes:
-Two Elvis cookies... I mean Thing 1 and Thing 2
-Random cheese and carrots to fill the spot...
-Green Eggs and Ham
-Strawberry and Marshmallow Hats

Can you tell we love our Easy Lunch Boxes?

This is the snack we made for her class for tomorrow. Taia's "green egg" is a naturally dyed jelly bean ( As shown in her lunch above...) Everyone else gets M&M's. She is super excited to share these because she worked very hard assembling them and even made a second batch!

The Inspiration was found on pinterest, of course.

This is part of the Bento Blog Hop! Head on over to A Pocket Full Of Buttons and see what they have going on for Dr. Seuss' Birthday!


  1. These are all so very cute! What a fun week of Suess :D

  2. oh i love your round up!! such a great idea cutting the strawberries into fishy shapes too :)

  3. Awesome lunches this week! Love "thing 1 and thing 2", very creative :)

  4. Awesome, Lori! I know she was thrilled! :)

  5. Lots of very cute ideas, great job!!

  6. Okay, darlin ... a Cat In The Hat WEDDING?!?!? PLEASE tell me there are (or will be soon) pictures posted somewhere so I can see!

    Oh, and the lunches are adorable but seriously ...

    A CAT IN THE HAT WEDDING?!?!?!? :)

  7. Thanks all!! Karen, my photographer was HORRIBLE. But I will try to find some of the few pictures that turned out! Thought I had some on FB but can't find them!

  8. That class snack is awesome!! I'll bet there were some really happy kids!


  9. even the strawberries are cut out fishes! well done!

  10. Thing 1 & Thing 2 are AWESOME! Genius idea to cut the strawberries or the red fish. Just perfect!

  11. Love all your lunches, especially the two fish with the numbers and of course those amazing Thing 1 and Thing 2!!


  12. Love all the fish. And green eggs. And Things. Heck, love it all!