Friday, March 9, 2012

Bento Stash and Organization!

A lot of my Bento Bloggere buddies have been posting pictures of their stashes and organizers. I got bento-organization envy. BAD. So I found this pink organizer at Target on sale for $17. It SCREAMED my name!
It's not complete. It's not perfect. But I love it!
There are a few pieces missing due to dish washing and other random reasons.... lost in the playroom.... But eventually, it will all be together in its home in the corner of the kitchen!
The first thing Dean commented on was how tacky the boxes of cookie cutters looked. Thanks to that comment, tomorrow we will be shopping for cookie cutter organizers! :) Hehehe!
At least I finally separated them into some sort of theme instead of all dumped into one giant container. Folks, THAT is progress! Before this, almost everything was in one big drawer in the kitchen! Now what am I going to fill that drawer with???

I have two little tackle boxes that store my picks, bento straps, baran and mini muffin liners. Do you see those two empty spots from me taking some holiday picks out? They MUST be filled.

And another tackle box for my smaller metal (and a few plastic) cutters.

The top drawer of my little organizer holds my boxes, muffin cups, and cupcake holders. (I think 3-4 boxes are missing and one cupcake holder. Yup I'm a dish slacker and Taia likes to play with them)

Drawer 2 contains sandwich cutters and presses, egg and ice cream molds and cookie cutters that are just small categories. (ie: stars and hearts, princess and hello kitty...)

The bottom drawer contains my tackle boxes and paper muffin cups!

There you have it. It's not much, but it's mine and I love it!

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