Saturday, September 15, 2012

Easy Lunch Boxes Mini Dippers are here!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Easy Lunch Boxes. We use them EVERY DAY. But I have a hard time finding a little sauce or snack container to fit in them (or any other bento box) that won't spill.

PROBLEM SOLVED! Check out the new Easy Lunch Boxes Mini Dippers that fit perfectly inside Easy Lunch Boxes! They are leakproof and easy for little hands to open! They are perfect for my olive oil dressing for my spinach salads,  yogurt dip for apples or anything small or liquidy that needs a container! Taia likes to take nuts and berries that don't require one of the small sections so these are perfect!
While you're over at Amazon buying your mini dippers, grab a copy of the Easy Lunch Boxes cookbook that I have recipes in! I'm so excited! It is SO AWESOME! 

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