Monday, June 18, 2012

Taia's homemade Abacus!

This is not food related but I do think it is related to Taia's diet. When she doesn't have food dyes in her system, she is able to concentrate and do amazing things! 
Taia decided last week that she wanted to build an Abacus! Grandma offered to buy her one and Taia asked "what's an abacus?" When Grandma told her, she responded "We don't need to buy one! I can make one!" And proceeded to tell her how she was going to make it! WITHOUT EVER SEEING ONE!

She drew up her plans. Notice that she even drew scissors and a hole punch (that's what the odd thing in the top right is! It actually looks like my crop-o-dile!)  She has been hanging out with her daddy too much! He draws out every project in advance! 

The outer decorations, a very important part! 

She was actually having fun, I swear!

Very proudly showing off her new abacus! And she is using it for math that's way above her level. 
We are so proud of our baby girl. 

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