Monday, July 16, 2012

Tropical- Ish!

My bento-blogger friends have been showering me with picks lately! I'm loving it!

This lunch is really nothing super special but looks super cute because of some of my new tropical picks and Taia loved it!!

Taia had:
-grapes and blueberries
-salami with a palm tree pick
-Trader Joe's mini toasts with vanilla and chocolate cream cheese
-cheese stick with a pineapple ring
-jellybeans in the cupcake container (I found those at Kohl's in the after Easter section for near nothing for a pretty large package. There were cupakes, ice cream and a few others!)

I can't wait to share more lunches made with my new picks with you all! We just haven't had a lot of use for bentos lately! I have a few posts in the works though!

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