Saturday, July 28, 2012


Taia attended a Circus Camp this summer. She had so much fun!

Dean and I made her this lunch. Dean had a blast making the marshmallow clown. Of course it's a CampFire brand marshmallow because they don't use Blue 1! They also have Chocolate Craft Studio food color. She also has an elephant on a ball sandwich and some grapes and blueberries with a clown pick.

Taia had the part of "Tiger jumping through the hoop in fire" in the circus on the last day. They sent a note home requesting that the tiger kids wear orange and black clothes on Friday. Dean couldn't just send her in regular clothes. So he marked off the stripe designs with painters tape and spray painted them on! The belly was added to cover the spot where we ripped off the pumpkin! Ha!

This is a lunch that Dean made for her. A kid made fun of it so she refused to eat it. But we thought it was adorable! (There was a lot of salami under there! :) )

We can't wait for the camps next summer!

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  1. The lunches are cute! I am sorry that a kid made fun of a lunch. Maybe the kid was jealous of such a fun meal.