Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CuteZCute sandwich cutter review!

Taia has a CuteZCute frog and pig sandwich along with some flower carrots and apples, grapes and animal crackers.

CuteZCute sent me this super amazing animal cutter to try out! Taia and I love it! It's so easy to use that even Taia can make sandwiches with it! She's been asking to make cookies with it! We'll have to try some soon! The all in one set includes a panda, frog, pig and cat! And even a little tool to get food out of the smaller crevices. That's the problem I've had with other food cutters! The cutter will cut bread, fruits, veggies, meat and cheese and much more! We love our CuteZCute! Even I can make animal lunches!

The CuteZCute is great for a beginner bento-er! You get 4 animals to start your bento collection!!



  1. is that mustard or cheese whiz for the features?

  2. It's cheese that I used the CuteZCute to cut (VERY minimal waste...although I just eat the "waste!") And I put it in the toaster oven just long enough to crisp up the bread so it's not soggy from the natural food dyes and melt the cheese features! She LOVED it! :)

  3. Looks super cute! :) Love the CuteZCute!