Monday, March 14, 2011

Soccer Dinner Bento!

Tonight when I told Taia that I was going to make her a Soccer Bento she misunderstood....
So I wound up making something that sort of looks like a soccer ball.... What I meant was I was going to make her a bento to eat before soccer.... whoops!

-Peanut butter sandwich made with my new Williams Sonoma cutter. (LOVE IT!)
I have no idea how to draw a soccer ball so I drew what was supposed to be some pentagons with a few lines....
-Chocolate coin for a treat
-Grapes with a flower pick and some grass need for the baran but worked!
-Sports themed Panda cookies
-Cheese flowers (with lots of cheese scraps underneath. ;) She doesn't care if they aren't pretty! )

Sorry for the missing bite! The original pictures got deletes and I had to retake them after she had started eating!

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