Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Bentos in one day!

This is my first dinner time bento.... hopefully it goes over well! Taia always ends up starving right in the middle of her Tuesday night dance class. So tonight I'm going to try letting her eat on the way! Hopefully it will help her stay focused during class! All I have to do is heat up the nuggets right before we leave! If this works out, I will start doing dinner bentos before all of her extra-curricular activites. She is currently participating in dance, soccer and tee-ball! Yikes! Busy busy!

Back to the bento- Here we have:
-Apple slices soaked in orange juice
-Cheese cut into flowers
- Her name in fruit leather
-Chicken Nuggets

Here's tomorrow's lunch! I guess it is sort of St. Patrick's Day themed. ;)
-Apples soaked in Orange Juice
-PB sandwich on a sandwich thin
- Shamrock shaped cheese
-Ham on a St. Pat's pick

1 comment:

  1. I love the dinner on the run! Goodbye, nasty Happy Meal! :)