Monday, March 7, 2011

Some random bentos to kick things off!


I wanted to start a blog to share a few of my bento creations! A good friend of mine introduced me to bento not long ago and I've since become OBSESSED! My almost 4 year old has gone from eating nothing but chicken and fries to loving fruits and veggies and trying all sorts of new food!
Bento has been a life saver for us! Hope you enjoy!

I made this on a particularly warm day in February! We were craving Springtime!
She has a butterfly peanut butter sandwich colored with edible markers.
It has Wilton icing eyes and carrot antennae! The flowers are marbled cheese from
the deli counter. ( A Genius suggestion by Gina Harper!) There are also a few broccoli "trees" tossed in!

This little Caterpillar is made of food coloring tinted rice.
He has candy eyes and carrots for a mouth and antennae!
Taia also has some baby tomatoes and cheese cubes with a cute giraffe pick!

Here she has a peanut butter fishy sandwich colored with edible food markers with an icing eye on a bed of carrot "seaweed." I was out of shredded lettuce! :) There are also some goldfish, cheese cubes on fish picks, and tomatoes on fish picks!

Almost Crazy Coupon Lady has a bento giveaway event starting SOON! Be sure to check it out and follow her to stay updated on the awesome giveaways!!!!!!

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