Thursday, August 4, 2011

2nd bento of the school year!

Taia requested her name in fruit leather for tomorrow. And more deli meat.
Apparently that's her new food obsession! I'll take it! :)

Today we used our Pottery Barn Kids Spencer Box per Taia's request!
She had lots of requests today!

She has :

-nutella sandwich made with my Williams and Sonoma Crustless Sandwich Press with her name in fruit leather.
-Carrots with an animal pick
-Grapes with an animal pick
-Turkey skewers on animal picks
-Juice Box - This box is SO big that I run out of food ideas!
So I just pop a juice box in there! :)
On the website they show food piled to the top but it would take half a bag of carrots to fill one of the spots! This will come and handy as she gets older though! She LOVES this box!

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