Monday, August 22, 2011

Ocean in a box!

Here's the second lunch for Ocean Week!
I think I've achieved a new personal best! Here's the inspiration!
I couldn't track it any further than flicker.

She has -rice with chocolate sprinkles
-cheese fish with candy eyes
-sea grass made of SEAWEED! :) It's nori!
(I've had it forever and finally had a reason to use it!)
-nutella fish sandwich with a candy eye and cheese stripes
-carrots and grapes with a fish pick
Even the bento box is ocean themed! :) I'm pretty proud of this one!
I just hope that the chocolate sprinkles don't melt into the rice.
If so, I'll have time to re-do it in the morning!


  1. I like this one Lori- you should be proud!

  2. Love the seaweed! I bet she's the envy of all her school friends! :)