Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daddy to the rescue!

Before Daddy's help.... super boring...

After! Cute!

This week is "Dentist Week" in Taia's class. I'm having a heck of a time with the theme. So I gave up....... at least for now...

Her lunch looked so plain and boring for today. Until I walked in the kitchen last night and Taia's super awesome daddy was cutting her name out in cookies!! The metal cutters imprinted her name into his hand since the cookies were already baked! It was kind of funny! The right side still looks a little bland but it looks way better than it did!

She has:
-Cheese Quesadillas with organic sprinkles for color and a cookie "Taia"
-One random meatball..... I'm not really sure why I tossed that in there!
-Watermelon flowers (The press and seal wrap is to prevent the juice from leaking on the dry foods like they did yesterday. One of the benefits of the Easy Lunch Boxes is that kids can easily open them. But that also makes it easier for liquids to leak. The press and seal prevents it! Problem solved!
-Apple straws and a cookie that she and her daddy made last night.

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