Monday, September 26, 2011

Green Apples!

I try not to use a lot of packaged foods, other than her Capri Sun Roarin' Waters. (Those are only because her thermoses and water bottles make her backpack too heavy.) But with my lack of inspiration, She's getting some packaged food tomorrow!

Here she has:

-Squeeze Applesauce
-Mott's Fruit Snacks (They are the apple juice people afterall! :) )
-Apples in the shape of APPLES! Yes, I realize how incredibly ironic and awesome it is. ;)
-Peanut butter sandwich with a cute cheese apple.

I think my favorite part is the apple shaped apples.... even though you can't quite make them out. I assure you, they're cute and you'll be seeing them tomorrow. ;)

Yet again, I'm having a hard time adding dye free color... always up for your awesome suggestions! !

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