Thursday, September 29, 2011

Supply Organization

How do your organize your supplies?

I rearrange mine constantly.

I have WAY too many cookie cutters to keep them all together.

Some are in buckets in the hall closet.

Some are stashed in baggies under the cabinets.

A few of my most used and some that I plan to use soon are kept in a drawer with my picks and most used boxes.

The really small ones are in a tackle box so they are tossed around and forgotten about in the bottom of my drawer like they were for the longest.

My picks and small muffin cups are kept in tackle boxes. They are typically $5-$6 are work really well.

I would love suggestions on storing larger cookie cutters.

I forget what all I have because I have so many. I buy those big value buckets so I really have no idea what all I have!


  1. Love it! I'm salivating! All I have are big cutters and I just keep them in large, plastic craft boxes. Unfortunately, there's no organization to it. I'm impressed with your collection!

  2. It is an ILLNESS! You are always welcome to borrow anything you need! I'm sure we're not always on the same topics! OH! I'm making those mini caramel apples for the class tomorrow! Thank you for reminding me about them! Everyone is excited!!!!! I'm going to get some organic sprinkles! I think I'm going to make some with chocolate sprinkles for the teachers!