Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 3 of camp + mom and dad's lunches!

 Dean and I have been taking our lunches a lot more lately. 
They're not really picture worthy so I don't post about them much! 
I had:
-Sweet peppers
-Turkey and provalone sandwich. ( I left them open and toasted the bread first so they wouldn't get super soggy... It SORT of worked. )
-The little spoon over the peppers is a ZAK! spoon. I found a set of 4 at Tuesday morning. I love their picks and was thrilled to find the mini spoons!

 Dean had:
-Chex Mix
-Homemade slaw ( ZAK! spoon for the slaw)
-Chicken and provalone sandwich.

For tomorrow, Taia has:

-Mini sandwich skewers made with my Fun Bites Cube It.
-Cheez Its

She also has several drinks and snacks!! 

PLEASE excuse my awful cell phone pictures on my countertops. 
It's complete laziness! I promise to get better!

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