Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Under The Sea Camp, Day 2!

I sent tons of extra food today for camp. 2 drinks. When I picked Taia up, the teacher asked me to send a snack tomorrow because Taia got hungry today. I informed her that I sent 3 snacks on top of Taia's lunch today. She told me that I did not.... Taia was very hungry because she didn't have enough food?!?! So I opened her lunchbox and she still has a FULL Easy Lunch Box, a bag of goldfish, and a banana!  I showed the teachers (by this point, two were involved) and they were all "OH!" Seriously, they didn't CHECK before accusing me of not sending enough? Apparently she told them that she didn't have a "snack." She told me that she thought everything in the lunchbox was her lunch and she should've had a different carrier for a snack? Ah well. 

So tomorrow she has:
-Pop Chips
-Some dye free treats a friend gave her
-Nutella sandwich ( I thought about making it cute with some cheese shapes or something but it's been a long day...)

For snacktime:
-A snack box of grapes for later
- Cheez-its

3 thermoses:
-Fruit Juice

HOPEFULLY she has enough for tomorrow! :)

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  1. Ugh! Such a cute lunch, and you even packed extra. I wish more teachers took the time to really check lunchboxes. I've had the same thing happen to only to find a spoiled snack at the end of the day.