Monday, May 28, 2012


Those of you that KNOW me knew that it was 
coming. And MORE are coming. :) I LOVE IT! 

Taia loved this lunch! It's for tomorrow but I showed her in advance!
She has:
-Chips (requested)
-Trader Joe's Jelly Beans (DYE FREE of course!!)
-Grape Tomatoes on a Flamingo Pick
-A Fresh, locally grown carrot! (She has eaten at least 8 of these this weekend because "that's how bunnies eat them!!! Awesome! )
-Open Faced Salami, Ham (smooth salami - Taia speak....) and 'Mingo (more Taia speak) cheese sandwich on a potato roll! 

All in all, I LOVE this lunch! Taia loves this lunch! Dean asked for a similar lunch for tomorrow! MOMMY, PASS! :) Opposed to my usual "MOMMY, FAILS!" 


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