Friday, May 4, 2012

Will I ever get caught up?

I've been so busy lately that I have been slacking (again) on blogging and frankly...... lunches! So here are a few randoms! 

Taia's birthday lunch! A cupcake with a crown tiara, crown shaped cinnamon apples and a cheese sandwich with a cheese castle!
A croissant turkey and cheese sandwich, cheez-its, carrots and a white chocolate and natural food dye fishy left over from her party! Those were SO SO easy to make! They were actually on sticks but I popped this one off the stick to fit in our Easy Lunch Box!
I found that super cute cupcake container with a package of other cute containers in the Easter clearance at Kohl's! The package was $2! I put a few Trader Joe's jelly beans in this one! She also has some goldfish, carrots and a sandwich with a cheese butterfly. 
(I'm not sure what happened to make this picture so fuzzy!!)

They're nothing fancy but she loves them!

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